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I am open for commissions for the time being and I'll be doing illustrations most of the time. Ranged from portrait to full body with background. You can send me a note or email via to discuss more :D 

I only accept USD as payment only and can be made via Paypal. 

Here are some samples of my illustrations:
Loki Prime by Kevin-GlintP19 by Kevin-GlintGirl Gryphon Dragon Thingy by Kevin-Glint
Omero by Kevin-GlintMy Current Life by Kevin-GlintDota 2 - Crystal Maiden by Kevin-GlintTrust Issue by Kevin-Glint
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Definitely a busy year but I know it will be an awesome one! 

I would mostly be joining more contest this year to refine my technical skills as well learn more from you all fellow deviants. XD

 And yes I'm open for commissions and do send me a note and I will try to reply it! :D 

As for Fan Art this year, I might do my own realistic version of Pokemon. :iconmingplz: 
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Pretty much i'm gonna have another busy year learning everything i can so that i can illustrate better arts! :D Hopefully there's more time for me to practice regularly than just once per week.
To find me for commissions, just send a note to me and i'll try to reply them :)
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I'll be participating in a Dota 2 Art Tournament held in Malaysia organized by Claz'room Studio. Wish me luck guys! :iconminglalalaplz:

I must say it's a gold opportunity to try out something new and challenging :XD: Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

Tournament Link and fellow Malaysians, do come join along and DRAW YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER! :love:…
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:iconmingplz: that only happen once which keeps me motivated to move forward!
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as for hitting my favorite number i'll try make another DS fanart ;) and as usual busy with college life; endless practice on my work to get me somewhere that i want at least :iconmingplz:
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Again and again and again on practice studies concept etc. Hopefully it can get me somewhere i hope :iconmingplz:
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looks like i will be participating in this contest to improve more on my work although this is my first time joining a real contest lol :iconmingplz:…
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i suppose it's another fresh year and  fresh start again to learn more new things and to continue refining my work :iconmegustaplz: :iconmingplz:
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practicing hard to achieve what i want and what i aimed for , won't be posting much in DA for quite sometime
  • Listening to: Elba
currently packed or should i say flooded with endless assignments in my course :( trying to make some free time to practice my own works.

Hopefully i get to finish them all before the deadline approaches :mingplz:
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entering college for quite sometime now and learning all kinds of techniques to create my own original masterpiece :D
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Aiming for the impossible ,
Never less seeking for the skills that interest me to create one's own universe ,
Yearning for more skills to improve one's works ,
The things that i create will be better and greater each time i try ,
How awesome is that when one's work becomes the inspiration to others ,
Interesting to say that one can lead many ideas to others ,
No doubts will stop me for seeking what i want ,
Godlike skills will create a new path to others which has no ending to.
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hey guys  sorry about the inactive recently , kinda busy with work(training in architecture ,etc ) so.. i have a little time to do my regular drawings so forgive me for not summit much arts haha but i will draw again as soon as im free from the day , cheers
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hey guys =) it's been awhile... and it's almost december xD
my exam is just around the corner(Very Cornered lol.)

i can't wait to draw again *eagerness*
so i thank you all for being patient for my arrival

im proud to see all my friends improved alot since my last meet

anyways...wish me luck for my final year exam ^^
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sry guys abt the delay...there's too much work for me to expect even more delays on my latest artwork to be done...

and my inspirations are coming slowly... :(
  • Drinking: water as usual ;)
okay guys...i think it's time for me to get back to draw mecha again @_@
it's been fun drawing anime people :P
  • Drinking: water as usual ;)
this time i try to improve myself by challenging myself on drawing traditional from a Digital work from some people...


and to those random deviants i will give credits for you who created the originals

it's just a comparison on Trad and digital..

And please do expect my work will be slow + delayed due to my school activities(almost full OMG :(..)

oh well..but i know i will post it sooner or probably later :)

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200nine this year passed by so quciky yet i didnt even feel present of 2009 :sad:
well school is coming again and im sure it's gonna be a great year hanging out with frieds and also my SPM :-O which decides my life in the future :P

when school reopens,i will have insufficient time to summit my artwork because of my preparation for my SPM

then again expect less of my artwork will be posted :(

so what im gonna do is that within this week or until next week(lol)
going to post as much artwork as i can :)

cheers :D
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I have a boring life which i have nothing else to do because it's holiday season lols...
besides boring i usually hang out with my friends and have fun but the fun wouldnt last that long i guess

so i decided to draw to practice my fingers on art which i began to use my DA account(the account was created 2 yrs ago)
this year im began to be more active in DA than last 2 yrs(more like everyday by now @_@)

my goal in joining DA is to master all art concept (which i find it fun and challenging)
my main skill/talent in arts are machines like Armored Core,gundam,etc

i've also mastered to draw humans shape well and getting better over the past years

but hey, everyone have to keep moving forward right?in order to be a better person.

well i guess i'll stop here for now lols
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  • Drinking: water lols